Extension of existing fibre optic network infrastructure using high-voltage power cables in Picardie, Alsace, and PACA regions. THYM type cable on electrical pylons. OTDR tests. Height-clearance, electrical-clearance B2V H2V.

Center Parcs

Optical infrastructure in a new location in Aisne Region. Network and leisure equipment for 87 cottages spread over the area of Lac d'Ailette.

Motorway A31

A major north-south transport axis from Luxembourg to Dijon (to A39 & A6). Optical infrastructure to connect safety devices: variable message signs, emergency phones...

Underground Extension M14

Paris' Metro M14 pursues its extension in the south area of Paris, 13th arrondissement. Expected date: 1st quarter 2017. This extension will allow a better server of the residential area 'Les Olympiades'. Optical infrastructure for telecommunications

Réseau optique toutes communications

Distribution of audiovisual programmes to the different buildings of the French Assemblée Nationale is achieved by fibre optic network. Analog and digital terrestrial networks, satellite, and cable are broadcasted at the speed of light.

Underground Extension M13

The extension of Parisian Metro M13 will serve cities of Asnières-sur-Seine and Gennevilliers, north-west of Paris. Optical infrastructure for communications.


Mobile and Internet access provider company of group France Télécom, Orange provides Internet access up to 100 Mbps in Paris city. Active participation in the optical FTTH infrastructure deployment.

Crédit Coopératif

Private optical links. DR/DICT authorisations, civil works, sewers and buildings survey for right of ways documents. Splicing and testing.

VIlle de Quimper

Quimper Communauté signed with Axione a public service delegation agreement to build, commercialise and operate a broadband network. Deployment of the optical infrastructure, circuit testing and constitution of documentation.

17 Numérique

Axione-Mainguy consortium is putting Charente-Maritime Region at the heart of High-Speed network in Europe. Deployment of optical infrastructures. Splicing, testing, and documentation of circuits.


Extension of the French Police communication network «ACROPOL». Splicing, testing, and documentation of circuits.

Ineo Suez

Private optical circuits. Engineering, authorisations DR/DICT, civil works, sewers, and buildings surveys for right-of-ways documentation. Splicing and testing.


Connecting the biotech and biotherapy cluster GENEPOLE to the national telecommunications network for Technology Education and Research RENATER. Civil work roadside RN104.


Private point-to-point circuits. Connection of several remote facilities between Vincennes and Charenton. Civil works, rehabilitation of walkways with porphyry.

Specific works

Insertion of ducts in the architecture of a bridge, to achieve crossing of a branch of the Seine river by a feeder optical fibre cable.