Company History

Creation of FORTEL

Explosion of fibre optic network deployments:
  • Long-haul backbones roadside motorways,
  • We see an explosion of the number of telecom operators,
  • Cable immersion in waterways,
  • Ultra-broadband for the general public does not yet exist..

FORTEL equipment acquisition

FORTEL purchases new FUJIKURA fusion splicers. Extension of fibre optic networks at an accelerated pace.
  • Implosion of the market bubble in 2001slowed down the market,
  • Ultra-broadband for Paris area is now a political will,
  • Paris' sewers is becoming a significant infrastructure,
  • Ultra-broadband for the general public is not often talked about.

FORTEL grows and create a design office

  • The market is starting to become more structured.
  • A new vocabulary emerge: FttO, FttLa, FttB, FttH
  • Paris sewers opens the way to network deployment,
  • France Télécom's civil works and RTE Power grid have been approached to become accessible third-party operators.

FORTEL covers all of the stages of projects

  • Now, it's time to launch FttH technology in Paris!
  • Sewers is increasingly an infrastructure of choice for cable deployment,
  • France Télécoms offers access to it's infrastructure to third-party operators,
  • The 4 largest telecom firms are competing for FttH networks.

FORTEL scales up it's design office

...and it's now 6 binomial teams in the field.
  • The race to network expansion to achieve La course aux raccordements B2B connections is going towards suburbs.
  • A large majority of Parisian flats are now FttH connected.
  • France télécoms now delivers it's 'DIVOP' service.

FORTEL changed location of it's head office Fontenay-sous-Bois and signed an agreement with ETS France for cable installation.
  • Telecom networks is expanding towards the great suburbs.
  • HI-TECH : Connection of several wind farms in the countryside.
  • France Télécoms is streightening its ''DIVOP" service.

FORTEL soars

Newly opened branch offices in Montpellier, Lyon, Saint-François and Bordeaux